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In short, it was time to change our logo. As an organization, we are taking stock in our legacy while planning for our next 100 years of giving back to our community.

Our new logo is an original piece of art created exclusively for us that honors our legacy and takes us into a digital future. The design of this logo incorporates a tremendous amount of inspiration and feedback from all of us at Parmenter as well as from our creative firm. It fulfills the goals we established which include a clean, modern design with thoughtful reference to the history of the organization and our founder, Jonathan Maynard Parmenter. In fact, the logo contains many significant references to The Parmenter Foundation.

The Story of “The Seedling” Logo

When we asked the artist to create our new logo we wanted to make sure that Mr. Parmenter was directly represented in the logo. He is. The image reminds us that our journey to care for our community and continue to grow the foundation is like the planting of a seedling. We need to nurture it in order for it to grow. The simple image asks us to focus on each individual we help and demonstrates the hope that the future holds when it takes root and grows on its own.

The blue stem reminds us that in addition for providing for our foundation, Mr. Parmenter left a significant amount of money to create a clean water supply for the Town of Wayland, that residents continue to enjoy today.

The green leaf represents the hope for growth and change from each and every individual that we can help through the variety of programs we support with the generous donations we receive from our donors.

This leads us to our name, in a solid and understated, simple black font. This reminds us that we are the soil and it is our responsibility to provide a solid, stable foundation to assist our community, but also grow to meet the needs both present and future challenges that we face together.

To this end, The Parmenter Foundation “tends” to its donations, keeping stock of their performance and doing everything we can to assure success.

This leads us to the logo’s connection to Mr. Parmenter himself. Clearly, it is the letter “P” for Parmenter, but also the two shapes represent his cattleman’s hat and cane without which he was seldom seen. As a devoted cattle farmer, Mr. Parmenter was known to walk all the way to New Hampshire and back to Wayland to ensure every single one of his stock made it home safe and sound. With a gentle touch of his cane, he could steer a half-ton cow all the way back to his pasture. Mr. Parmenter’s spirit of care, compassion and philanthropy continues to guide this organization every day.

Finally, the logo captures the gentle line of the face and the ear of a calf. Do you see it?? Let us know!

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