Jeff's Place Grace Johnson Award Winner

2022 Grace Johnson Volunteer Award Recipient JP

Dan and Joan Scott, Volunteers for Jeff’s Place, Framingham

Dan and Joan Scott turned to Jeff’s Place to begin their healing journey when their son Danny died in 2014, at the age of 20. After they graduated from the bereavement program, they immediately turned their grief to action and kicked off years of volunteer support for Jeff’s Place.  Dan first joined the Board of Directors as treasurer and then engaged in intensive training to become a co-facilitator of a caregiver support group. In addition, Dan completed all the paperwork for loans to keep Jeff’s Place afloat during COVID, so they were able to continue to serve children and families who were grieving.

Dan’s wife Joan also facilitates children’s bereavement groups to help children and families at their most difficult times. As a former school librarian, she constantly looks for new books that will engage and connect with the kids. The Jeff’s Place library is well-stocked thanks to Joan’s love for books and her generosity. During the pandemic, Jeff’s Place needed new rituals to start their online groups and Joan, a beautiful poet and author, shared her poem called “Circle of Friends.”  For nearly a year and half, all zoom groups began with her words.

Together, Joan and Dan provide immeasurable support to Jeff’s Place and grief support for children and their caregivers, as the Scotts identify all too well with challenges of navigating bereavement.

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