Grace Johnson Volunteer Aware Recipient Runway for Recovery

2022 Grace Johnson Volunteer Award Recipient Runway for Recovery

Emily Cohen, Volunteer for Runway for Recovery, MA

Driven by the personal desire to give back to a cause that dramatically changed her own life, Emily Cohen has taken it upon herself to mentor and coach a 14-year-old Runway for Recovery grantee, Athena, whose mother died from breast cancer. Emily has gone above and beyond for this young woman, as she has created a fund help with Athena’s school tuition, and she has arranged for and overseen tutoring to help ensure Athena’s success with her classwork. She spends immeasurable time on the phone and in person checking in with Athena and cheers her on multiple school events and as Athena strut down the Runway stage to honor her mother’s memory.  Emily also gives her free time to five other Runway families, all with unique needs and challenges and on different paths of their grief. Some part of everyday for Emily includes Runway volunteer time and hours, and she is constantly thinking of ways to involve other volunteers, businesses, or services so that all families who have been impacted by breast cancer can be served.

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