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Michael HalloranMichael J. Halloran, Executive Director

Michael Halloran became the Executive Director of The Parmenter Foundation in 2016. Prior to serving as the Executive Director, Halloran served in various capacities on the Board of Trustees from 2003 – 2016, most recently in the role of President.


The Parmenter Foundation is deeply rooted in the MetroWest community.  Jonathan Maynard Parmenter was a hardworking cattleman living in Wayland in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  When Parmenter died in 1921, he bequested $220,000 to be placed in trust to establish a hospital in Wayland.  In 1954, the trustees of Parmenter’s estate deemed that building a hospital would be too expensive.  Instead, they met the greatest needs of the community by creating Parmenter VNA & Community Care, Inc., MetroWest’s award-winning provider of home care and hospice services. In 2015, to better serve patients and families and secure the future of its mission, Parmenter VNA merged with Mount Auburn Hospital to create CareGroup Parmenter Home Care & Hospice, Inc. The merger of these two entities provides exceptional home health and hospice care to a greater portion of eastern Massachusetts residents.

The Parmenter Foundation remains in Wayland, Mass. and seeks to follow the vision of Jonathan Parmenter by supporting quality and compassionate care.  For more information about our mission, click here.

2018 The Parmenter Foundation Perspectives

The Parmenter Foundation 2017 Annual Report

The Parmenter Foundation Board

  • Martha Ragones, MBA, President
  • Thomas S. Travers, Vice President
  • Laurence I. Mariasis, Treasurer
  • Stuart Hamilton, Esq., Clerk
  • Nancy Carapezza, Trustee
  • Deborah Kenealy, Esq., Trustee
  • Pamela Mackill, Trustee
  • Gail-Ann Simon, Trustee

The Parmenter Foundation Honorary Trustees

  • Karen Back, MD
  • V. William Efthim
  • Israel Hurwitz, MD
  • Phyllis Kaufman
  • Lloyd Rapoport
  • J. Thomas Selldorff
  • Marilyn Walter