Building Compassionate Communities

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Help The Parmenter Foundation expand its innovative end-of-life and bereavement programs and resources, creatively filling gaps in support for all ages.

With your help, The Parmenter Foundation offers valuable end-of-life and bereavement resources for individuals of all ages, providing guidance and comfort as they navigate these challenging journeys. In addition, Parmenter awards grants to a network of nonprofit partners to further expand services that inspire hope and healing.

Parmenter is growing its programming and resources, made possible only with your ongoing generosity. Unrestricted gifts to The Parmenter Fund afford us the flexibility to take initiative where the need is greatest. We are constantly looking for gaps in services and areas that are overlooked.

Recently, we identified a major need for support and compassion for our young adults enrolled in higher education. Research shows, more than 10% of college students lose a parent, caregiver or sibling and are struggling to navigate their grief, classwork, and social lives while away from their families. They feel isolated, frustrated, and overwhelmed which often leads to mental health struggles, class failures, and social dilemmas. Most colleges and universities do not have programs in place to support these students. It is our hope to shed light on this problem and affect a change!

We are excited to announce we are designing new partnerships with academic leaders and grief counselors to initiate improved bereavement support protocols on college campuses. This will include creating policies around classwork flexibility, unrestricted travel, and support navigator options for students who have experienced the death of a loved one. This new initiative will be launched in the coming months.

To help support this and other innovative bereavement programs, fund hospice care services, expand educational resources, and offer more community events, please make your donation to The Parmenter Fund. Your contribution is integral to providing hope, comfort and care to our neighbors who are grieving or facing end-of-life.

Please make your gift today. Thank you for your consideration!