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The Parmenter Foundation accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Grants are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

Our goal is to partner with 501(c)(3) nonprofits that make a meaningful impact on the lives of MetroWest residents both during an immediate time of crisis as well as help individuals and/or families build the strength and resiliency they may need over the course of their lifetimes.

Applicants’ first step in applying is to review the grant criteria and evaluate if their organization is a good candidate for consideration. Applicants then submit their grant eligibility form.

Refer to the following:

If you have questions about the application process, please contact us. We value your feedback.

The Parmenter Foundation

Grant Eligibility Form

We have found that applicants appreciate the ability to submit a short submission where an applicant can receive timely feedback before completing a full application. The grant eligibility form allows The Parmenter Foundation committee members to evaluate if synergy exists between the applicant and the Foundation before the applicant moves forward to complete the full grant application.

The Parmenter Foundation

Grant Criteria

Our intention is that the grant application accurately reflects the grantee story and their narrative rather than fill-in-the-box responses.

Application requirements at a minimum are as follows:

  • proof of 501(c)(3) status;
  • director and trustee information;
  • strong management team;
  • strong volunteer base;
  • mission statement;
  • goals and expectations;
  • evaluation process;
  • financial statements;
  • defined size and scope of the organization;
  • program description;
  • target population;
  • sustainability;
  • budget funding requirements and use;
  • other funding available;
  • other relevant information.
The Parmenter Foundation

Grant Governance

Leading the grant funding initiatives, The Parmener Foundation has a designated Grant Committee comprised of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Director. The Grant Committee meets regularly throughout the year and is responsible for establishing overall strategy and making recommendations to the full Board of Trustees who in turn vote on all grant proposals.

It is the sole discretion of the Board of Trustees to vote on each grant application and determine to approve in whole or in part, deny or request further information. Grants are reviewed in the order they are received throughout the year.

The Parmenter Foundation

Grant Process

The first step to applying for a grant is to review the grant criteria and complete the grant eligibility form.

Once we have received a grantee eligibility form from a perspective grantee, we may pursue a process of discovery and due diligence which may include:

  • review publicly available information;
  • talk with references;
  • meet with the program founders and/or directors;
  • attend program events;
  • request further information as appropriate.

After the Grant Committee completes an initial due diligence review, a Grant Committee member may invite a potential grantee to complete The Parmenter Foundation grant application. While the Grant Committee member may invite a potential grantee to continue the application process, ultimate approval is not guaranteed and is based on final submitted application and additional review.

The Parmenter Foundation

Grant Application

Before submitting a grant application, we recommend that applicants submit a grant eligibility form to ensure there is synergy between the applicant and the Foundation.

Please click on the grant application below and complete in its entirety.

For questions about applying for a grant and the overall process please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any additional questions about the grant process please contact our Executive Director.

The Parmenter Foundation accepts applications on a rolling basis throughout the year. Grants are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

The Parmenter Foundation

Post Grant Reporting

The Parmenter Foundation prioritizes accountability to ensure successful program impact and high quality of service. To that end, Parmenter requires grantees to complete scheduled progress reports as noted in the final grant agreement.

Progress reports include information detailing:

  • grantees’ narrative, rather than fill-in-the-box responses;
  • how the grant funding was used (including a financial report);
  • description of the program’s progress, results and challenges;
  • how the program’s success was measured;
  • future program goals, and future funding plans.

See grant criteria to better understand what grantees are expected to include in their detailed progress report(s).

All first-year approved grantees must complete a first year evaluation. At the end of year one, the grant committee will make additional recommendations on future funding.

Any future funding is dependent on timely and adequate filing of the report(s).

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