Our Trustees

The Parmenter Foundation Board of Trustees

The Parmenter Foundation Board of Trustees is a committed, active, working committee of seasoned professionals. They share amongst them more than 50 years of dedication to Parmenter.

Marty Ragones Photo

Martha Ragones, Co-President of the Board.  Marty lives in Wayland, MA and has been a member of the Parmenter Board for ten years.  A financial professional, she has held positions in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. 

Pam Mackill Photo
Pam Mackill, Co-President of the Board. Pam lives in Wayland, MA and has been a member of the Parmenter Board since 2018. Pam is a retired chemist having served as the Analytical Branch Director at the US Food and Drug Administration’s Winchester Engineering and Analytical Center for thirty-four years. Pam is an active volunteer for hospice and bereavement programs. 
Stuart Hamilton Photo

Stuart Hamilton, Clerk of the Board.  Stuart resides in Sudbury, MA and has been a Trustee since 2003.  He has been an estate planning attorney for more than 20 years. In addition, Stuart serves as an adjunct faculty member at both Boston College Law School and Boston University School of Law. Stuart is a former Trustee and President of the Alumni Association for Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. 

Larry Mariasis Photo
Larry Mariasis, Treasurer of the Board. Larry is a resident of Estero, FL and Sudbury, MA and has been a Parmenter Trustee since 2011.  Larry serves on several nonprofit boards and advisory committees.  He also educates individuals seeking support on personal financial planning matters.  Prior to his retirement in 2008, Larry had a 26-year career in retail financial services, in a variety of senior executive positions, with Bank of America and predecessor banks.
JC Murtagh Photo

JC Murtagh,
Assistant Treasurer of the Board. A graduate of Trinity College, JC has spent time in portfolio management at State Street Global Advisors and currently serves as the Director of Financial Planning for The Clifford Group. JC is a resident of Boston, MA. 


Tom Travers Photo

Thomas S. Travers,  Trustee. Tom resides in Sudbury, MA and has served as a Trustee since 2009. He is a CPA and shares his financial expertise with the many organizations for which he volunteers. Tom served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer at Bruner/Cott Group (Real Estate Development, Property Management and Commercial Architecture) for twenty-seven years.

Beth Boyle Bean Photo

Beth Doyle Bean,
Trustee. Beth joined the Board in 2021.  She lives in Natick with her husband where they raised two children, now in college.  Beth is a graduate of the University of Vermont and Boston University Graduate School of Business.  She has worked in a variety of capacities in the education, government and nonprofit sectors throughout her career and, most recently, is a Development Consultant for a senior services agency in Boston.   



Jas Maggu, Trustee. Jas is a resident of Southborough, MA and is a technology entrepreneur.  She recently founded and served as the CEO of a Boston-based artificial intelligence software company. Jas is also experienced in start-up business development and technology commercialization. With her venture capital and private equity funds experience, Jas has served on the boards of several technology companies. She is passionate about scaling organizations and brings her acumen of technology, big data and finance to Parmenter.



Gloria Yee, Trustee. Gloria resides in the town of Wellesley and serves as the Executive Director of Strategy at Olympus Medical. Gloria has more than 15 years of experience in the medical device industry, driving global growth strategies and building high performance teams.



Niki Pugach, Trustee. Niki joined the Board in 2021.  She has had a lifelong passion for end-of-life care and has worked in the field since 1993.  She is currently a hospice social worker at Good Shepherd Community Care in Newton, MA.  Niki received a Master of Social Work from Simmons School of Social Work in 1982. She resides in Wellesley, MA and enjoys animals, walking and spending time with her family. 



Michael J. Halloran,
Special Advisor to the Board. Michael lives with his family in Weston, MA and is the Interim CFO at Regis College. Michael served as a Parmenter Trustee for 18 years and as Executive Director for three years. He earned his MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and his B.A. from Princeton University. His career has focused on finance, including his role as global Head of Technology Investment Banking at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown. 



The Parmenter Foundation Honorary Trustees

  • Karen Back, MD
  • V. William Efthim
  • Phyllis Kaufman
  • Lloyd Rapoport
  • J. Thomas Selldorff
  • Marilyn Walter

Building Our Board

We are seeking new Trustees to serve on The Parmenter Foundation Board. Our past and present Trustees have found serving on the Board to be a rewarding experience. We seek to have a diverse, collegial Board focused on the Parmenter vision, mission, and guiding principles.  The skills and time/resource commitments of this leadership position are more fully described below.  Please consider completing an application today!

To bring HOPE to MetroWest residents and their families during end-of-life and bereavement.

The mission of The Parmenter Foundation is to provide support for compassionate end-of-life care and bereavement programs in MetroWest.

Role of The Parmenter Foundation Board Trustee

General Expectations

  1.  Support the Foundation’s mission, purposes, goals, policies, strategies, and programs.
  2.  Recruit and introduce potential nominees to the Board or committees who are accomplished and passionate and who can make significant contributions to the Board and further the Foundation’s mission.
  3.  Contribute to the work of one or more committees of the Board.
  4.  Attend fundraising events and education activities hosted by Parmenter.
  5.  Serve as an ambassador by promoting Parmenter and its interests, raising wareness about our educational content and resources in MetroWest communities.
  6.  Serve as a trusted advisor to the Executive Director as s/he develops and implements the strategic plan.
  7.  Assist and support the Foundation to fulfill leadership roles and staff needs.
  8.  Contribute to an annual performance evaluation of the Executive Director.
  9.  Contribute to Board of Trustees evaluations.
  10.  Be open to discussing board membership goals and future leadership roles over


  1.  Read all materials provided in advance of all Board’s bi-monthly meetings, annual meeting, and scheduled committee meetings, attend these meetings virtually(preferably) or in-person and productively engage in discussion to accomplish the sharing of best ideas, discussion, and decisions, as well as the work and implementation of strategies.
  2.  Unless otherwise specified, keep all board deliberations and documents confidential.
  3.  Bring to the attention of the co-presidents and committee chairs agenda items for board and committee meetings to ensure that significant topics for discussion matters are addressed.
  4.  Consider, review, and vote on Parmenter’s annual budget, audit reports, material business decisions, grant awards, strategies, policies, and procedures meeting all legal and fiduciary responsibilities.                                                   

Adherence to Policies

  1.  Read, understand, and comply with all Parmenter bylaws and policies.
  2.  If you are unsure about a matter regarding adherence to policy, contact the Governance Committee Chair, Co-presidents, or other relevant committee chair for counsel.

Fiduciary Responsibility

  1.  Faithfully read and understand the Foundation’s financial statements, annual budget, investment, and endowment reports to sustain Parmenter’s financial resources.
  2.  Help the Board fulfill its fiduciary responsibility, including its annual audit and filing of federal and state tax returns.


  1.  Commit to serving a three-year term and, if eligible, re-appointment for two additional terms.
  2.  The intention is to have trustees enjoy, be productive and grow into leadership and executive roles during their tenure.


  1.  Read, understand, and assist in the execution of the Foundation’s Development Plan.
  2.  Advocate as an avid ambassador on behalf of the Foundation to promote its interests and to create and leverage opportunities for its fundraising success.
  3.  Recognize the Foundation as one of your top philanthropic priorities among your charitable interests by contributing a gift that represents one of your largest annual donations and that is commensurate with your interest and ability.
  4.  Support staff and the Executive Director to solicit donations by identifying new prospects, introducing your network to the Foundation, and participating in the engagement and introduction of donors and prospects.
  5.  Help create opportunities to educate and deepen donors and prospects connections to the Foundation.
  6.  When appropriate, generously participate by contributing a multi-year investment to any special campaigns the Foundation may conduct to provide growth capital to fund strategic priorities, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, etc.


If you are interested in applying to become a member of our Board of Trustees, please either download the PDF application and return the completed form to Parmenter, or you may fill out the form below.

Board of Trustees Application