In dedication to our mission of providing hope and support for community members who are grieving, The Parmenter Foundation acknowledges that Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be particularly difficult times for people who have lost a parent or child.

That’s why we’ve launched the Empathy in eCommerce campaign, to ask retailers to show sensitivity to their customers who do not wish to be contacted with advertising or product promotions around these holidays.



STEP #1:
When you receive a marketing email from one of your retailers about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, use the “Contact Us” or “E-Mail Preferences” link at the bottom of their message to contact the retailer.

Copy and paste the following message into their form, along with your contact information:

Dear [Retailer],

For many people who have lost a parent or child, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day can be an especially difficult time that can cause or exacerbate grief. That’s why I’m asking you to join The Parmenter Foundation’s “E is for Empathy in eCommerce” campaign to provide your customers with the ability to opt-out of marketing emails associated with these two holidays. Many retailers are already providing simple check-boxes for their customers to deselect these two holidays from their email preferences in their email marketing platforms. 

I’m asking you to do the same.

Allowing your customers to opt out of specific holiday emails will demonstrate your empathy for them. Moreover, it will build loyalty among customers who have lost a parent, who would not be taking advantage of these specific holidays’ promotions regardless. 26 percent of people have lost their mother and 45 percent of people have lost their father by age 49, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

I hope you will consider participating in this simple campaign, It will strengthen my loyalty in your company.

Thank you for your time.


STEP #2:
Let The Parmenter Foundation know when you have contacted a specific retailer. E-mail us at with a very short message:  I have sent the Empathy in eCommerce  email to [insert company name].

STEP #3:
If you receive a reply, you may consider  thanking the retailer by tagging them on social media to raise awareness, and/or let us know at  so we can thank them on behalf of The Parmenter Foundation.


Empathy in eCommerce for retailers

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