A Home for Baby Anylah


To date, The Parmenter Foundation has awarded nearly $60,000 in COVID-19 Crisis Response Grants to aid our community members facing enormous challenges as a result of the pandemic. A portion of that funding was granted to Family Promise Metrowest, a wonderful organization that transforms the lives of homeless families with children by providing shelter, education, and comprehensive support.

As of November of this year, Family Promise Metrowest served 47 families, including 54 adults and 81 children, in 2020—a 25% increase in families over last year.  While this data is informative and impressive, behind each number is the story of a person and/or a family facing hardship.  Following is one of those poignant stories demonstrating the power of community support and donations.


Mom was in our shelter in March when COVID forced us to move our families into the hotel.  A hard-working mother, she had continued as an aide at a rehab center during COVID, using PPE and carefully taking precautions. We were determined to move her out of the hotel as her pregnancy was coming to term, but we had some major challenges.

Her hours were decreasing at work and she would need unpaid time off when the baby was born. Although she had savings, it would be depleted if she paid for all the move-out costs. We also needed to find an affordable apartment and a landlord who would be willing to rent to someone with such limited income during an eviction moratorium. It was a stressful few months, but in July we found an apartment and a landlord who agreed to rent to her if we cosigned the lease. We paid the security deposit, she paid first month’s rent, and we are providing a monthly subsidy for one year to help Mom get back on her feet. She moved into the apartment on July 29, and 17 days later baby Anylah entered the world with a place to call home.

- Sue Crossley, Executive Director, Family Promise Metrowest