Guiding Principles

Continue the Legacy

Since 1949, when the first Parmenter-owned-and-operated facility opened its doors, underserved MetroWest residents found the help they needed in the areas of general and public health, nursing and hospice care, children’s bereavement services, and more. With many years of experience, the Foundation is confident in its ability to: evaluate nonprofit organizations aligned with its mission; and fund the opportunities and programs that are beneficial to the public they serve. Trust in us.

Our goal is to support the MetroWest community for another 70 years and beyond. By supporting the Foundation, you become part of our greater efforts to provide critical resources needed to impact someone’s life for the long term. You will be inspired by the community-at large, and the volunteers and staff who do amazing work every day to improve the lives of people in need.

Prioritize Impact

We are focused on funding programs for those in need, allowing us to stay true to the larger picture of doing the most good

Parmenter remains nimble; regularly connects with local communities; adapts to meet current community needs; funds solutions that make people’s lives better.

When any one of the programs we support helps an individual in our community, it makes our entire community more resilient, healthier, happier and more capable. The Parmenter Foundation is committed to supporting previously funded programs, such as children’s bereavement programs and hospice care, as well as funding innovative new programs that enable MetroWest residents to heal and build strength. Click here for information on what we fund.

Build Resiliency

Through experience, we have found that people have the capacity to get through the worst of hardships when they receive care and compassion, build physical, social and emotional strength, have a strong support system, and understand the options as they move forward. While the programs we support provide individuals and families with the tools to better cope with serious illness, end of life or hardship, we recognize they often do not eradicate the crisis. The ultimate success resides within each one affected by crisis, as they realize their own potential in building strength, self-confidence and resiliency. The programs reflect that underlying reality, and aim to satisfy a need for the moment as well as create a skill set to rely on in the future.
The Parmenter Foundation

What We Fund

The Parmenter Foundation’s history is grounded in helping local MetroWest residents in the areas of general health and well-being, and child wellness. The Foundation remains true to the legacy of Jonathan Parmenter who was known for his deep compassion for people and his overwhelming desire to help his community.

The Parmenter Foundation is focused on three areas of charitable giving and is committed to seeking out new and innovative opportunities that help local residents improve their lives.

Below represents our focus areas and our Current Grantees:


Behavioral Health Partners MetroWest

What are we funding? First of its kind: integrated mental health referral line

A current grantee in the area of healthcare and hospice services, The Parmenter Foundation supports a partnership created by four long-standing local behavioral health service agencies to create a mental health referral line. The Behavioral Health Partners of MetroWest provides a centralized point of entry for coordination of services including, housing, food, and employment for MetroWest families coping with mental health and substance abuse. This referral line is different from others in two important ways. First, most of the callers are provided with care from one of the four member agencies and therefore are provided with quality care quickly. Second, a caseworker will follow the client from the time of the call until a permanent care provider match is made.
MetroWest Free Medical Program

What are we funding? Health care and education for uninsured patients

A current grantee in the area of healthcare and hospice services, The Parmenter Foundation supports health education to uninsured patients at their Sudbury free clinic with the goal of improving health behaviors and, ultimately, health status. With over 250 volunteer physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social workers, health educators and more, the MetroWest Free Medical Program serves over 1,000 patients per year with over 1,500 medical visits. These patients receive quality and compassionate preventative, diagnostic and acute medical care.
Beth Israel Lahey Health Mount Auburn Hospital

What are we funding? A hospice bed at little or no cost for those who cannot pay

A current grantee in the area of healthcare and hospice services, The Parmenter Foundation supports an unfunded hospice bed at the Parlin House Hospice Residence at little or no cost for those who cannot pay. The private room cost is often prohibitive for families whose loved one needs an out-of-home hospice placement. The Miriam Boyd Parlin Hospice Residence affords loved ones a comfortable, serene and high quality end-of life place when they are unable to be at home.
Camp Erin children's bereavement

What are we funding? Children’s bereavement summer camp

A current grantee in the area of Children’s Programs, The Parmenter Foundation supports a children’s bereavement summer camp provided at no cost to their families. This camp serves 60 or more children every summer. Children who attend the three-day camp enjoy traditional camp activities along with therapeutic sessions. The children benefit from the sharing, compassion and support of one another, from trained professionals and from the many volunteers required for a successful camp experience.

What are we funding? Award-winning therapeutic grief program for bereaved children

A current grantee in the area of Children’s Programs, The Parmenter Foundation supports an award-winning creative arts grief program for bereaved children, teens and young adults. This program serves 109 MetroWest children annually. Facilitated by trained grief therapists, children and their families receive high quality grief support to help them better cope and be more resilient. Volunteer teen mentors play a large role in drawing children out and comforting them as well. Finally, the participant children are a wonderful source of comfort and strength for one another.
Camp Casco

What are we funding? Camp for childhood cancer patients

A current grantee in the area of Children’s Programs, The Parmenter Foundation supports Camp Casco, a week-long day camp and a week-long overnight camp for childhood cancer patients and survivors at no cost to their families. This grant is used to fund a new part-time Program Director position. The Program Director position is critical to Camp Casco’s continued success and growth as the director oversees the family services, including planning and execution of several week-long camp sessions, family social events, clinic visits and communications with families. In addition, the Program Director supports more than 75 committed volunteers, all of whom play an essential role in the quality family outreach and camp experiences that Camp Casco families have the opportunity to participate in year-round.
Family Promise Metrowest

What are we funding? Tools to overcome homelessness

A current grantee in the area of Community Support, The Parmenter Foundation supports Family Promise's mission to transform the lives of homeless and low-income families with children by mobilizing a diverse volunteer community to provide shelter, education and comprehensive support to ultimately achieve sustainable independence. Family Promise Metrowest has several programs that help families remain in their homes; provide shelter for those who are homeless and assist clients to obtain necessities to break the homeless cycle, including obtaining higher education; health insurance; co-signers/references; child care, and debt management.
Parmenter Food Pantry

What are we funding? Provision of food for Wayland residents in need

The Parmenter Foundation owns and operates The Parmenter Food Pantry, provisioning more than 5,000 meals per year for Wayland residents in need. With the help of many volunteers, the pantry provides to over 80 families each month fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, juice and non-perishable foods.

We encourage the community to help by making non-perishable food and toiletry donations. Donors can drop off contributions at St. Ann’s Church or at The Parmenter Foundation. In addition, the pantry is also grateful for cash donations, enabling the pantry director to purchase fresh and frozen meat and produce. Lastly, on distribution days, we look for volunteers to help sort and pack food bags.

If you are a Wayland resident in need of quality food for your family, please fill out the confidential enrollment form below.

Food Pantry Enrollment Form

Pantry information:
Director: Laurie Hojlo

The Parmenter Food Pantry location:
The Good Shepherd Parish
St. Ann’s Church
134 Cochituate Road
Wayland, MA 01778

The Parmenter Foundation

What We Don't Fund

We do not fund groups or programs that:

  • are not 501(c)(3) entities;
  • attempt to influence legislation, political activities or candidates for public office or public policy decisions;
  • carry on propaganda of any form;
  • carry on illegal or unethical activities;
  • are private foundations;
  • are direct research projects;
  • are funds for endowments;
  • are fundraising drives and events;
  • are higher educational institutions or schools;
  • retirement of debt or funding operating deficits.
The Parmenter foundation

Grace Johnson Volunteer Appreciation Award

In 2005, to annually recognize outstanding volunteers, The Parmenter Foundation established the Grace Johnson Volunteer Appreciation Award, inspiration coming from a long time Parmenter services volunteer, Grace Johnson. Along with the award for outstanding service, the recipient also receives a modest appreciation gift card.

We invite management, staff and volunteers of our grantee organizations to nominate a volunteer(s) who best exemplifies all the wonderful qualities of Grace Johnson.

Nominations from grantee organizations are due June 1st of each year. Each fall, we look to recognize a new, deserving Grace Johnson Volunteer Award recipient.

Award Inspiration

Grace Johnson (1925 – 2001) lived for 45 years in Wayland and was committed community volunteer. She contributed hands-on work to numerous charitable organizations and served on several community non-profit boards. Grace was deeply committed to hospice and served on the Board of the Friends of Hospice, becoming their president. Grace was also a member of Parmenter’s Board of Trustees, assuming a key role in helping in the success of Parmenter’s capital campaign to furnish, equip and open the Miriam Boyd Parlin Hospice Residence. While she accepted leadership roles, she also accepted roles of a caring neighbor. Grace’s quiet strength, her generous spirit and her seeming endless reserve of commitment to making her community a better, more compassionate place to live earned her the respect and admiration or all who knew her.
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