Our Mission

The Parmenter Foundation provides hope and support for our community members who are grieving or in need of compassionate end-of-life care. We provide funding for nonprofit organizations that deliver high quality, innovative bereavement programs and palliative care, and we offer educational and inspirational resources that help our neighbors navigate through the challenging grief process. The Parmenter Foundation is committed to helping MetroWest families build resiliency and facilitating their journeys toward healing.

As we execute our mission, we utilize our strengths and values every step of the way.

  • Legacy of Care & Compassion - With more than 70-years of experience in end-of-life healthcare and hospice as well as 20-years of children’s bereavement experience, we have a long-standing reputation for care and compassion.
  • Commitment to Innovation – We are dedicated to supporting nonprofit organizations that provide high-quality, innovative end-of-life and family bereavement programs.
  • Impact-Driven – We exclusively fund programs that provide meaningful impact during the end-of-life and/or grieving process.
  • Accountability – We ensure that our grantees provide high quality programs and services that effectively reach our neighbors.
  • Support for Volunteerism – We value the important and necessary role of volunteers, without whom our grantees would be unable to provide their quality compassionate end-of-life care and bereavement services. We strive to inspire our neighbors to help and “give back” to our community.
  • Fiscal Responsibility - The Parmenter Foundation was bequeathed with an endowment that has grown through a commitment to stewardship and fiscal responsibility. We ensure that 100% of donations we receive are allocated directly to programs in our community. 
  • Partnership – We are committed to working with all community stakeholders to create or enhance programs that support compassionate end-of-life care and/or that provide tools for families coping with grief. 
  • Community Welfare – We promote resiliency, hope, and healing to help build a stronger community.

Be inspired. Join our journeyBy supporting The Parmenter Foundation, you become part of a greater effort to provide extensive resources that are critical to improving the lives of your neighbors in need.