Stop and Shop Generous Partners for The Parmenter Food Pantry

Stop & Shop POMBefore Stop and Shop even opened its doors in the new Wayland Center, Store Manager, Mike Bussell, reached out to The Parmenter Food Pantry expressing the corporate commitment to support hunger programs in the communities where they have stores.  Not only has Stop and Shop supported the Parmenter Pantry with financial donations, but they have encouraged food collections among store patrons, and some of their “behind the scene” employees help load and unload the truck with the monthly supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables and frozen meats as well as donated non-perishables for The Parmenter Food Pantry.  Thank you to Stop and Shop for their support!

HEARTplay, Parmenter’s Children’s Bereavement program celebrates 20 years

DSC_1756One in 20 children will experience the death of a parent before they graduate high school – or one in every five children will face the death of someone close to them (grandparent, sibling, other caregiver). How do we help these children thru the grieving process? Is there support available?  When faced with an illness the focus is put on managing the patient and their needs. Sometimes there isn’t any time to prepare when death happens suddenly, through an accident or suicide. Support can make all the difference in the life of a grieving child. Read More >>

Finding Wellness and Comfort at Home Through Home Care and Hospice

What do you do when you need help caring for a loved one at home? There are many options  regarding homecare, hospice, or end-of-life planning. We are so fortunate in our communities to have excellent hospitals AND Parmenter Community Health Care. Mary and Gerry Cubelli lived in Sudbury for over 20 years. When Gerry developed congestive heart failure and internal bleeding, the couple was faced with making decisions about Gerry’s post-hospital care. When it was time for him to leave the hospital, the hospital gave Mary and her husband 3 options – move Gerry to a Nursing Home,  go home with the expectation that he would have emergency needs and have to return to the hospital, or be discharged onto hospice care at home. They chose to go home and use Parmenter’s Home Care services.  Parmenter’s Homecare staff visited Gerry for over a month until he recuperated and was feeling well enough to be on his own. Read More >>

Adult Bereavement Support Groups 2017

When a life ends, the living are left to grieve. Though this is a highly personalized journey, there are common feelings and experiences associated with grieving. Evidence shows that participating in a bereavement group can help facilitate the healing process. Our support groups are open to both Parmenter Hospice families as well as general members of the community who are grieving the loss of a loved one. The groups are led by licensed mental health clinicians with expertise in bereavement. There is no fee to participate in a group, but registration is required. Read More >>