Our Team

We are inspired advocates, volunteers and leaders committed to making a difference in the Massachusetts MetroWest community. We are dedicated to providing education, resources, funds and support in the areas of end-of-life and bereavement to our community partners, grantees and stakeholders.


Angela Crocker, Executive Director

“I came to The Parmenter Foundation because I was inspired by the award-winning children’s bereavement support program and the grief camp that Parmenter created. These types of programs have a big impact in children’s lives and in our community. I am excited to collaborate with many local organizations to fill the service gaps that exist and create end-of-life and bereavement programs that help our neighbors to have hope while facing end-of-life issues and the grief of losing a loved one."

Angela is responsible for the overall executive management of The Parmenter Foundation, including Board stewardship, grant administration, community partnerships, dynamic programming, strategic planning and donor relations. Prior to becoming its Executive Director, Angela worked in various roles at Parmenter for six years. She has served on the Kids First Board (Portland, ME) and served in many capacities within the Sudbury Public Schools parent organizations. In addition to her nonprofit experience, she practiced municipal and family law for ten years. Angela is a graduate of the University of Southern Maine and American University Washington College of Law.

Amanda Kosko
Donor Database Manager

Amanda Kosko
“I love that what we do at The Parmenter Foundation directly impacts our community in a positive way. I cherish this community and I am happy that I have a small part in helping people better cope with hardship."

Jennifer Siegal
Communications Manager


"Having grown up in MetroWest and now raising my family here, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to convey messages of hope and inspiration, along with information regarding wonderful local programs, to my fellow community members.  I'm continually amazed to learn about the good work that goes on right in our backyards!"

Amy Dooley
Executive Assistant

Amy Dooley Photo

"Especially now, it is so important for our community to feel supported through difficult times in their lives. I look forward to being a part of this wonderful foundation, and working with the amazing grantee organizations, to help make a difference in the lives of many facing end-of-life and bereavement."

Suzie Cook Kinsellagh
Development Manager

Suzie Headshot

"I feel very fortunate to be part of this amazing team and organization.  It is truly a privilege.  Our mission aligns perfectly with my passion for compassionate care, healing, and inspiring hope."