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Supporting College Students Who Have Experienced a Loss

UGrieve was recently featured in LearningWell Magazine:

The Impact of a Loved One’s Death on a College Student is Unique and Traumatic

Research shows that more than 10% of college students lose a parent, caregiver, or sibling while in college or graduate school. These young adults are struggling to navigate their grief, classwork, and social lives, while away from their homes and families following a death or during the end-of-life stages of a loved one.

Students who are grieving feel isolated, frustrated, stuck, overwhelmed and yearn to be home with their family members and close friends who knew their person. This often leads to mental health struggles, class failures and social dilemmas. Most colleges and universities do NOT have practicable policies in place to systematically support these students. And there can be hundreds of them on a particular campus at a given time.

The Parmenter Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides hope and support for community members of all ages who are grieving. Parmenter is working to shed light on the glaring needs of bereaved college students and collaborate with our grief expert partners to affect changes on campuses. The solutions do not have to be a complicated, but higher educational institutions must begin to shift their mindsets and cultures to compassionately address this issue


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The Impact of a Loved One’s Death on a College Student is Unique and Traumatic

So many questions and new feelings may arise:

Who do I notify when learning that my family member has died?

I feel devastated. My mind is cloudy and I’m struggling to make sense of things. Can somebody help me to navigate all of this?

My professors are each offering very different accommodations. Some of them are compassionate and some are not. What do I do? How do I respond?

Can I change my classes to pass/fail? Should I take a semester off?

Which friends do I tell? Will they know how to respond to me?

Are there grief support groups or counselors available on campus?

Is it ok to socialize with my friends when I return to school after the funeral? I feel guilty!

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Most colleges and universities do NOT have programs or policies in place to answer these questions and provide comfort and support for their students.

Please help The Parmenter Foundation with our initiative to address these issues and foster more compassionate and resilient college campuses!